Submerged Game Title


In Submerged, you play as a little fish that finds herself trapped inside a barrel in the attic.

Jumping between vessels, water pipes and puddles, try to solve curious puzzles and find the place where the fish belongs.┬áDon’t put the fish out of water or you’ll make it sad!

Play the game: (requires Unity web player).


  • A few minutes of puzzle arcade adventure gameplay.
  • Pleasing and mildly realistic fish swimming mechanics.
  • Lovingly crafted characters and environment.
  • Original soundtrack.
  • Designed, drawn, coded and produced by one girl, under Pixelles Game Incubator II.


  • Design, art, programming, music: Iuliia Kitchenko
  • Unity mentorship: Illya Loshchinin
  • Special thanks to: Tanya Short, Rebecca Cohen Palacios and all the Pixelles.


Submerged will be used as a base for a full-scale game developed by the complete team of Microbrain Games. Subscribe to our newsletter to show your appreciation and support!