Amoeball Game Title


Cute and silly arcade game where one demented amoeba has to chase another, absorb balls and fiercely spit them into the opponent. Simple controls, colorful graphics, squishy physics, and short, hot rounds define the gameplay. You can play yourself against computer, or compete against another person on the same machine (sharing the keyboard or using a joypad). Several weirdly funny characters, as well as a few levels are there for your enjoyment.

Screenshots, videos and the actual game:


  • Fast-paced two-player arcade.
  • Squishy characters driven by soft body physics.
  • Cute and ironic graphics.
  • No violence, only micro-scale sport.
  • Absolutely free!


  • Art Girl: Iuliia Kitchenko
  • Tech Boy: Illya Loshchinin
  • Sound Effects: Alexandre Saba
  • Music: Miguel Jiménez López
  • Special thanks: Anthony Beels, Babak Kaveh, Daniel Loshchinin, Davide Tabacco, Miguel Caron, Nadine Beels


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